What to do with excess sourdough starter?

If you have  sourdough starter you know the dilemma!

Caring for sourdough is really very simple.  People have been maintaining sourdough for centuries and often they were just keeping it alive in a small pouch around their necks!  Once you have your sourdough started it only requires feeding with flour and water on a regular basis and kept in a warm spot free of dust and contaminants.  As the gas feeds on the flour  and water it releases gases.  So quality sourdough will have lots of bubbles 4-8 hours after its been fed and you know its healthy.  If the starter doesn’t get enough to eat it will result in a liquid layer on the top.

If you are using your sourdough to make bread once or twice a week you will need to feed your sourdough once or twice a day.  You can also keep it in the refrigerator so you dont have to feed it very often… I’ve seen some Youtube videos show refrigerated starter still being active after a month or two of no feedings.

But when you do feed your sourdough you are only keeping about 1/2 C of the starter so that’s going to leave about 1 cup of starter left to throw away.  But I hate throwing out potential goodness in the half cup of sourdough starter every feeding… so I have done some research on what you can do with that extra starter.  Here is what I found:

  1. Pizza dough – the recipe from King Arthur flour is the best.
  2. Pretzels – Does require some proofing time.
  3. Pancakes
  4. Make bread sticks
  5. Hamburger and hotdog buns
  6. Popovers – I made these and I wasn’t thrilled with the sourdough taste compared to non-sourdough.  But, it was good… just a little tangy and heavier than popovers should be in my mind.
  7. Make Carrot cake – recipe that doesn’t require feeding or rising so its quick.
  8. Sourdough scones
  9. Sourdough Bacon, Rosemary and cracked peppercorn crackers.

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