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I try to be very organized… and usually I am.  I have probably 8 productivity apps on my  iPhone!  I like to have plans and a strategy to attack things I need plan-of-attack-final-2to do.  This is my to-do list I use.  Yes, its an old school paper method and sometimes I DO use a productivity app, but I like being able to keep a piece of paper around for billing purposes (ugh, yes… I have a job where I have to bill… it sticks!) and apps just aren’t real good for that kind of thing

I initially wanted to use post-it notes but they are so darn expensive to have printed or even to buy ones that are pre-printed with a to-do type list (even though they do look cool!).  So I just use this sheet and double it up so I have 2 days on one letter sized piece of paper.  This way I can easily transfer things I didn’t do onto the next sheet below.  I found it can be any smaller as I didn’t have enough room to write things when I created 3 or 4 to a page.  But this is just concise enough to get down the basics of what I need to do, where I need to go or what important thongs I have scheduled that day.

I created this to-do download using Picktochart… which I love actually a tad bit more than Canva.  I looked around at other peoples to-do lists and post-it note pads I liked and created this with sections I thought I would use.  Its been really helpful to keep myself organized.

Yes… I like rockets and balloons and sci-fi stuff.   It makes me feel energized…!  And they are colorful yet simple.

Click here for the pdf download with two on one page.

To-Do today download



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