Things happening around the urban farm

I finally broke down and flew the white flag surrendering to the chickens.  They just loved eating too many of the plants I was working on near the greenhouse.  So, we put up a permanent fence around the greenhouse area… and wow, has it created a lovely peaceful space to work.

The chickens are not happy about the new fence… they are trying to break in.

Here is a picture of the far side… with the chickens trying to break in I believe.  So far, only one has figured out it can fly up and over the fence, but that was on the retaining wall side and I was able to block that area off.

I’ve also got all four raised beds physically in although they are not all full with soil or plants yet. I planted some lettuce… its so nice to have the ability to go outside for fresh lettuce when you want it.   As you can see I have a metal fence around the container garden.  It worked pretty well to keep the chickens at bay.  Luckily mine dont fly too much.

Its looking like it will be a productive summer!

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