The HERS Garden Shovel supports women’s differences

The HERS Garden Shovel really is a better design and tool for women

HERS garden shovel
HERS garden shovel from Garden Supply

I’ve used the HERS garden shovel from Garden Supply for about a year and really understand now why this design is good, and probably better for women to use than the traditional shovel.
I’m a strong 5’7 woman. My dad taught me to dig holes in hard dirt growing up in Arizona. So now that I’m an adult and gardening in much better soil than Arizona, I always used the standard pointed and straight blade shovels with the long handles. But I had heard good things about using shovels that had lower handles and flat edges where you place your feet.


The lower handle seemed odd at first because I would often use the longer handle for leverage. But you can do that with the lower handles also and because of the wider area to grip you have just as much control and leverage strength. I think probably the longer standard handles are good for those with upper body strength whereas the HERS garden shovel brings the focus down so you use your legs more. As I have some back issues thats good for me.

Surface for foot

The flat surface at the top of the blade is something my feet will forever be grateful for. I garden on slopes and rocky surfaces. The result some years has been pretty bad plantar fasciitis. Thats the soreness in the arch of your feet that feels like you are walking on needles sometimes. Having this flat area to place your foot is great. And its not just a thin area, its pretty substantial. It seems to help me also by giving me more power to dig in deeper.

Quality of metal

The shovel is high quality and the metal sheath goes up over the wood for quite a distance, maybe a foot, and that helps to give stability and strength. The metals used are really strong. I have actually bent tools before… I had bought a really expensive garden fork from a high end garden shop and within a month had bent one of the tines on the fork by leveraging too hard.
I know the shovel is a little expensive compared to the $25 ones you can get from Lowes. But if you have back or foot problems I think it will help. And I think its okay for women to acknowledge that we are different than men and different tools may be better for us. Spending a little extra money for a durable high quality tool is worth it in my opinion.  I know i will have this tool for years to come.

What unique tools have you used that you think others might benefit from knowing about? Let us know in the comments below!

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