New spring bulbs peaking out, chickens happy, first mow

New spring bulbs

New crocus bulbs are coming up.  Its so cool when all the efforts of fall bulb planting come to life.  At the time of planting its a little uneventful to have a spot covered in dirt to show for all your work.  But its encouraging and gives me motivation to work outside in the spring when its yucky and rainy.  We had 4 days in a row of NO RAIN… yippeeee.  So we got a lot done.
We got our first lawn mow of the year done.  Which is a big deal because there is always so much debris around after a winter here.  We have lots of tree branches that fall and little branches that get caught up in the law tractor.  Somehow rocks just seem to magically appear also.  I am pretty sure that is from the chickens scratching the ground and pushing up stones.  So I collected two bins (newspaper bins) and one garbage can full so my husband could mow.

lawn tractorWe also were able to get out with our chicken tractor more.  Which makes the chickens happy.  So happy we had our first 3 egg day… where all three of our adults chickens laid their eggs.


The composter from hell
We also put together a composter we bought from Costco… and it took about 5 hours to put it together and it almost killed us.  I have no picture of it… because it was so awful of an experience to put together.  But we didn’t divorce over it so that’s good.  But it was close.  But the intent is to compost the chicken manure and other things from the property.  We will see if it works!

Everyone needs a pink flamingo in their yard right???

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