Cat memorial in garden

Spicy – cat memorial area of the garden

Wonderful cat memorial

Dave and I planted a cat memorial area of the garden in memory of Spicy, our cat that passed away about a month ago.  She was a really wonderful cat.  And her passing was hard on both Dave and I.  Dave was gone on a business trip, and I had to take her in to the vet hospital alone.  Unfortunately I have never had to put a animal to sleep and it was hard.  Really hard.  But I know the last gift I could give Spicy was to hold her and comfort her as she passed.  She was having a really hard time breathing and it was clear she was in pain.  The veterinarian was spectacular.  Very caring… and the Pet Hospital even had a grieving room that was set up for comfort for both humans and animals.

My law office partner, Shauna, is a true animal lover.  She would do anything she could to help her animals… and anyone else’s also!  She went with me to Sky nursery in Shoreline a day or two after Spicy passed and she bought us two blueberry bushes to plant in memory of Spicy.  Shauna’s parents owned a blueberry farm in Oregon so it was very special to get these from her.  Later when Dave came home we went out to Nichols statuary in Maltby and bought a cat statue and base.  It was perfect… looks very similar to Spicy and its a beautiful memorial to her.


Written Cat memorial


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