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This is my own technique for starting seeds.  Its not the only way to start seeds, but after years of experimentation I believe this is the best way for beginners and those who want a high chance of success.

We talk about what essentials you need to grow seeds and what are highly recommendedIMG_4298 extras for success.  Where do you get seeds and what kinds do you want?  What do you grow them in and how do you find good growing medium?  How to you water and provide light, heat and nutrition?  I show you my greenhouse and my gadgets/hacks for keeping my seeds warm and happy.

But the key to this is a plan.  Thkrzysztof-13is workbook has print outs for you to calculate your last frost date and when you can start planting, when to transplant, when to fertilize all so you can have a successful harvest!

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