Seed planting worksheets

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Below are worksheets  and examples connected with the Seed Starting Workbook, series 1 of the Something to Discover Growing Series.

Seed planting and Seed starting worksheets


Frost date worksheet blank

Worksheet for seeds

Seed planting worksheet

Example of seed planting worksheet


My plan is to update this seed starting workbook periodically when I find things that I think my readers would be interested in or new tip and techniques I think a beginner should know and be doing.

I would REALLY really like to know what you think about the workbook, these seed starting worksheets, and any improvements or suggestions you might have.   Although I’m a Master Gardener what that program has really taught me is that the key to garden knowledge is taking the time to look up the answers and not just presume something is right because that’s what the masses claim is right.  There have been a lot of changes in gardening lately due to Professors who have started testing the long held advice of our grandparents and they been busting some myths and figuring out better ways to do the common gardening tasks.   Check out those Professors at their blog or their Facebook page.

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