Remembering liquid measuring equivalents

For the life of me I have a hard time remembering liquid measuring equivalents.  How many pints are in a quart and quarts to gallons and teaspoons to tablespoons.  Arghh!

I have found various tables which do help.  In fact I have them available below if you are like me and need the actual charts to help!

I also found this great little story that helps.  Its from the memory joggers website and its helped me a lot:

In the kingdom of Gallon there were 4 Queens (Q is for quarts. 4 quarts in a gallon), each queen had a Prince & Princess (P is for pints. 2 pints in a quart). Each Prince & Princess had 2 Cats (C is for Cups, 2 cups in a pint.)

Here are my chliquid and dry meas.arts:

Misc measurements Oven Temperature Equivalencies  liquid and dry measurements

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