Perry’s white poppy – Papaver orientale

Whimsy… that’s the theme of my flower garden and frankly much of the entire property!  We have a dinosaur bog with big metal dinosaurs and a big gunnera (which isn’t that big right now or I’d show you a picture).  But my favorite plant that portrays whimsy only lasts a few weeks.
Perry’s White Poppy (Papaver orientale) is huge… the white petals are thin like crate paper and they wave happily in the wind.  The inside of the petals and the center of the flower is a deep purple which is hard to appreciate in a photo.  Its on a huge stem… like 2 feet for just this one flower.  And after its done blooming it has a seed pod that looks like its from another galaxy.  A very fun plant… I just wish it lasted longer and weren’t so expensive… and it looks like it may not propagate real well either.  Oh well… I love it.


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