Peaches canning


Peaches Canning process for water bath canning: peaches canning
   1.  Use ripe, mature peaches you would be willing to eat fresh.  If necessary let them sit on the counter a day or two to soften up.
   2.  Amount of peaches needed on average: 17-1/2 pounds per canner load of 7 quarts; 11 pounds per canner load of 9 pints. A bushel weighs 48 pounds and yields 16 to 24 quarts—an average of 2-1/2 pounds per quart.
   3.  Remove skins by placing fruit in boiling water for 30 to 60 seconds until skins loosen. Then remove and place quickly in cold water to stop the cooking and slip off skins. Cut in half, remove pits and slice if desired. To prevent darkening place peeled fruit in ascorbic acid solution.
   4.  Prepare and boil a very light, light, or medium syrup or pack peaches in water, apple juice, or white grape juice. Raw packs make poor quality peaches.
Hot pack—In a large saucepan place drained fruit in syrup, water, or juice and bring to boil.
   5.  Fill hot jars with hot fruit and cooking liquid, leaving 1/2-inch headspace.
   6.  Place halves in layers, cut side down.
   7.  Remove air bubbles and adjust headspace if needed. Wipe rims of jars with a dampened clean paper towel. Adjust lids and process.
   8.  Processing directions for canning peaches:
table for canning

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