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Worm composting for great nutrients Well, I am worm composting now.  Took a class at Sky Nursery and learned how wonderful worm composting can be.  The castings (poo) are great for the garden as they have live microorganisms that help plants thrive.  They are especially good for plants in containers, especially inside plants.  The reality […]

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New spring bulbs New crocus bulbs are coming up.  Its so cool when all the efforts of fall bulb planting come to life.  At the time of planting its a little uneventful to have a spot covered in dirt to show for all your work.  But its encouraging and gives me motivation to work outside […]

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Egg breakfast to die for… Our first 5 eggs from our own chickens… cleaned and ready to eat.  We know what these hens eat and how they are raised.  These should be some good eggs.  Considering the amount of money we have invested in chickens right now (coop, chickens, food, bedding, etc..) these eggs cost […]