8 Mistakes I made in the Garden this year

I confess… I have multiple mistakes I made in the Garden this year! I had a great vegetable garden this year and we are still eating from it today… we had delicious green beans with dinner tonight in fact!  But there are some mistakes I made in the garden this year.  I am a tad […]

Why do we really exchange gifts in December???

I’ve been thinking lately about why we exchange gifts at Christmas time.  And really, many other religions and traditions have gift giving times in the fall also.  I’ve also been thinking about why people get so stressed out during the holidays that they dont make it fun for themselves.   The answer to this last question […]

The HERS Garden Shovel supports women’s differences

The HERS Garden Shovel really is a better design and tool for women I’ve used the HERS garden shovel from Garden Supply for about a year and really understand now why this design is good, and probably better for women to use than the traditional shovel. I’m a strong 5’7 woman. My dad taught me […]

Meals in a Jar – Book Review

   Meals in a Jar is a book written by Julie Languille in 2013 and published by Ulysses Press.  Julie lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State and her bio indicates she owns a dinner planning website and is a preparedness and food storage workshop teacher.  I believe, although I am not sure, that Ms. […]

Women Gardeners – Book review

The Virago Book of Women Gardeners edited by Deborah Kellaway I found Women Gardeners, written in 1995, in a used book store in Seattle. I bought it simply because I am interested in the female viewpoint of pretty much anything, but definitely areas I am interested in like gardening.   I’ve been sporadically interested in the way women have […]