Our first egg breakfast with eggs from our own chickens!

Egg breakfast to die for…

Our first 5 eggs from our own chickens… cleaned and ready to eat.  We know what these hens eat and how they are raised.  These should be some good eggs.  Considering the amount of money we have invested in chickens right now (coop, chickens, food, bedding, etc..) these eggs cost about $200 each.  That’s okay… the cost will go down over time.  And they are fun chickens.  People used to say chickens were so much fun… but when I was a kid I didn’t remember them being anything special.  But we ate those chickens so I dont think I became too attached.  These chickens are our pets.   The adults are getting to know us better… they want out to free range in the yard but we haven’t had great weather for that yet.  But someday.  And I will take pictures when we do.

Our first breakfast with our own eggs.  Look how bright and deep orange the yolk is.  Tasted good too.

Can’t wait to learn to make other dished with eggs now!

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