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The web is full of great ideas for gardeners and homesteaders – let OneNote organize it all for you How to use OneNote for Gardeners and homesteaders.  Organization of articles, plants and design

A lot of info is on the computer that I want to keep and organize.  How often have you found that perfect picture or idea for a plant in such and such a spot in your garden?  How many times have you gone back to look for when exactly should you fertilize your grapes?  Yes, Pinterest is great for pictures but I wanted some hard facts and more scholarly articles that didn’t mesh with the bling.

I have a binder that I keep some things in.  But I tend to keep that in the greenhouse.  And I can’t print everything… although I think at times I’ve tried! But I also have a hard time going back into computer files and finding articles and pictures when I want them.  I also wanted more than a file keeper… I wanted a place for my ideas , thoughts, and plans. After trying out other program that just didn’t click, I began organizing in Microsoft OneNote.

I initially used OneNote for work but it easily translated into my garden and now also my kitchen and blog. OneNoteis a program that comes along with Microsoft Office and is a content management system that resides on your computer, wherOneNoteeas systems like Evernote seem to be more cloud based (it can be on your system also I think). That’s not to say OneNote doesn’t sync to all your devices as it can… it just seems more grounded in my desktop.  And for work purposes I do use it on my iPad and it works great. OneNote allows you to maintain notebooks and within the notebooks are files, then pages, and sub-pages. I have Notebooks for my vegetable garden, plants currently in the garden (even if it died!), future plants for the garden, and garden projects/ideas. I also have a notebook for cooking and recipes which also includes canning.

Using OneNote for organizing the kitchen and vege garden

As you can see from this screenshot I have the notebooks on the left with the vegetable notebook open.  Along the top are colored file names and the same names appear on the left under the open vegetables folder.  Here the vegetables file is open and on the right are the pages and their sub-pages.  So right now I am looking at a sub-page of asparagus.

one note 1

And actually this is an email I received with great information I wanted to remember so I added it to OneNote.  So what I do is I print the email and in the settings where you can tell the computer what printer to use, there is an option to “print to OneNote”.  It then automatically sends it to OneNote and it will open OneNote up so you can even tell it what file to place it in.  Sometime, I also print as a pdf and then attach it to a OneNote file.  This allows me to fully open the document as a pdf when I am in OneNote.  Sometime when you print to OneNote the size of the print isn’t the largest so that’s why I will print to pdf first.

Sometimes when I find a interesting craone note 3ft or DIY project I will save it to

OneNote.  For example here was a was to make lavender dusting cloths that sounded like fun.  I like to make things with beeswax as we have kept bees and have some of our own wax and honey.

one note 2

And here is my canning and cooking folder with a page on how to not die from botulism.

Part of the key to any content management system is to maintain it… to go through and organize your articles.  You need to title your articles so you know what its about.  You need to make sub-pages to further organize.  In my vegetable are I have a page for most of the vegetables I grow and then sub-pages for the articles on those vegetables.  In my plants section I divide them by annuals, perenials, bulbs *fall and spring), fruits, etc.  In the plants I want section I divide it by time of year as one of my goals is to have beautiful plants all year round.  So in the winter I may not be planting but I sure do look around and see other peoples plants that look great in the winter and I note the in my notebook… then when I am buying plants in the spring or whenever I can get a better price because the plant may not be in bloom or showing off great color now but I know that it did when I put it in my notebook.

If you have any questions about OneNote for gardening or homesteading feel free to send me a comment.

How do you manage all the great ideas and article you find???  Let us know in the comments below so others can find out whats worked or hasn’t for others!

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