Making garlic powder from your garlic crop

Garlic powder garlic


I think garlic is one of the easiest plants to grow and so I tend to have a lot in storage.  But it doesn’t last forever so one thing I like to do is make garlic powder.  I typically do this when the cloves start to look like they are going to go bad if I don’t do something with them.  Often this is around January-February.  Making garlic powder preserves your garlic well into the next year and gives you home grown garlic when the fresh is not quite ready again!

4 steps to making garlic powder and salt

  1.  Peel the cloves and slice them into think slices.  Place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.
  2.  Heat an oven to 150 degrees (or the lowest setting over 150) and place cookie trays in to dry the garlic.  Using a spatula move the slices around as often as you can remember.  When dry, take out and cool them down.
  3. Using a clean coffee grinder (you should have one just for herbs and spices) grind using the pulse a few times.  Sift the pieces through a fine strainer and take the larger chunks and either re-grind them or if they aren’t too large keep them separate from the powder and use when tiny chunks of garlic would be appropriate.  To make garlic salt just use 2 teaspoons of a good salt (Himalayan or french sea salt) and pulse in the grinder to mix.
  4. Always keep your spices out of sunlight, in a cool dark place.

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