Looks like we got a rooster

Last night we heard the goofiest noise come out of one of our Ameraucanas… yes, I think it was a crow of a rooster.  We still aren’t sure… it tried the noise about 5 or 6 times last night and we haven’t heard it again today.  But these Ameraucanas were supposed to be all female… with a 95% accuracy rate.  Looks like we are part of the 5%!


Our Ameraucana hen. The first hen we lost.
Our Ameraucana hen. The first hen we lost.

Update:  We have had a really hard time with roosters.  Of the 5 chicks we originally got 2 roosters when there was supposed to only be a 5% chance of a single rooster.  We had bought from a local guy who claimed the breeder was a new company and clearly didn’t sex the chicks well.  He gave us our money back but we had to get rid of the roosters ourselves on Craigslist.   We then got 5 straight run marans and got 3 roosters (we kept one beautiful black copper maran).  Last year one of our hens went broody and had 3 chicks in the blackberry bushes.  One of them was a rooster and one of the two hens died within a year.  This summer (2015) the hen from last year in the blackberries went there and sat on her own but only came out with one chick.  We caught the hen and chick and are letter her raise the chick in our broody buster (little coop next to the big coop… intended to bust the broody cycle.  Not working real well) and we are hoping that all this effort and chick food aren’t going into a rooster.  With our luck though…

2014 Mom with babies she had in the blackberries
2014 Mom with day old babies she had in the blackberries

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