Hydrangea quercifolia Shannon or snowflake


Hydrangea quercifolia, Shannon, has white double flowers on long panicles.  About three years ago I purchased it at a plant sale at an open garden day at Heronswood in Western Wa. I believe the dealer was Dancing Oaks Nursery from Oregon, a reputable nursery.  They did say it was rare.  Well, it seems to be so rare little is known about it.  I’ve read it originally came from the Yew Dell Botanical gardens in Kentucky and was discovered by nurseryman Theodore Klein.  I’ve read that people have seen it on display at the Yew garden, but I don’t find it for sale anywhere.

I was initially attracted to the plant because it had double flowers which was pretty unusual.  In the fall however the huge leaves turn a really deep nice shade of purple which I love.  Because of the lack of information out there I am a bit concerned it is really Hydrangea quercifolia, Snowflake.  Snowflake also has white double flowers and looks a lot like Shannon.  It said that Shannon should be more compact.  I have seen pictures of Snowflake and I think Shannon’s flowers are larger.



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