Hardscaping garden almost done

Here is an update of the property projects staring our wonderful chickens!  So we have the retaining wall all done with electricity and water put in.  Wow what a headache the water was!  We couldn’t find the pipe that goes from the main line off the easement to our house despite literally having someone dig multiple huge holes where we thought it was.  We twice rented a machine that pointed to where it was and even spoke to the prior owners who built the house.  So we finally did a work-around and connected the water inside the house with a shut off valve we use in the winter.  We put in two hydrants that have special workings inside the pipes so the pipes wont burst in the winter.  Not that we have a horrible winter here in the PNW but these pipes are literally exposed to the air.

Fountain and greenhouse
Updated 2014 picture of the completed greenhouse, the arbor with wisteria growing, and the fountain we installed.

The chicken coop is to the far right in the picture.  We have an arbor to the right of the retaining wall.  On the other side of the arbor I am installing a greenhouse.  So its just got the foundation put in now and you can’t really see where it will be.

You can see black planters I put in last year.  They turned out spectacular.  I put some Japanese blood grass, creeping jenny, some dark red inpatients, and some dark almost black coleus.  They were really great looking and the grass and creeping jenny came back after the winter.

2015 Update: Warning!  I would not have planted Creeping Jenny again.  It turns up EVERYWHERE!  It got into the blade of the lawn mower and now it is all over a small area in the lawn and I will never be able to get it out.  It roots from a tiny portion of the plant and can outlive drought and winters as well as the invasive Ivy can in the PNW.

We found a great outdoor iron works kind of place outside of Spokane last year on our way to Yellowstone (stayed at the Lake Yellowstone Lodge which was great).  So we stopped on our way back and the went again in fall just before the snow hit.  We got some really good deals (cash talks).  I was able to get some iron short fencing to go around my vegetable garden as the chickens are loving my garden too much.  Will try to find a picture of that also.


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