Got more worms!!!

More Worms Baby!!!

One of my problems with worm composting has been the lack of worms.  I bought two pints (installed them 2 weeks apart) and I just didn’t see many worms when I would put in food.  I was starting to feel like I was putting more food in than the worms could handle.  And I just wanted to play with my worms more… I didn’t want to spend 20 minutes looking.  The demo bin at the workshop I went to showed a huge number of worms… it was cool.

So, I bought a pound of worms.  I bought them from the same place the nursery buys them from… Its in Yelm.  They also sell the worm casting which are super great in containers that need a bit of energy nutrient  boost.  I put them in my nice black planters and I can see a huge difference in just 2 weeks.

But back to the worms… So I got them today!!!!  And here are some picture of ALL the cool worms I got.  Now I have to stop myself from disturbing them too much… but I did go back a few hours after installing this group and its is SO cool… worms are happily worming all over.  I also took a video… they were a little slow as this was right after they got out of the bag.  Now they are happy and zippily moving around.

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