First sunny day for our bees

First sunny day for bees and are they ever loving it!

We had out first sunny afternoon since we installed the bees.  And just like we had been told, the bees were busy checking out their new digs.  They were busy flying all around.  They were taking care to clean the hive… all the dead bees that were on the outside of the entrance were flown away… where I don’t know.  But bees are every clean and will dispose of the bodies far from the hive.  Too many dead bees on the outside is a sign something may be wrong.

Above is a video so you  can see what I’m talking about… pictures, even a video, just don’t show the excitement and energy.  Also, you can see my dog – she isn’t scared of the bees at all yet.  She got one stuck in her nose hair… we thought it stung her yesterday but she’s back today checking out the new citizens of the property!

capped honey
Hoping for some good honey this year!

The chickens haven’t even noticed the bees.  I thought they would be interested in eating the dead bees, but maybe not.  They do seem to be more interested in the burr comb… it sometimes has some honey on it and it might be what they like.

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