Did fuchsia Saturday at Fred Meyer

Annual fuchsia basket planting!

We do fuchsia baskets around the house every year.  When I first came to the Pacific Northwest in 1994 I didn’t believe that fuchsias were real… I saw them hanging on front porches, but I honestly thought they were fake.  Of course remember, I come from Arizona where we paid rocks as garden decor.  Really… we honestly did.

But now I know they are real and I love all the variety in fuchsias.  However, for the baskets around the house we try to keep them one variety that is fairly easy to get, so we try to use the “Dark Eyes” trailing fuchsia.  A big event here in the PNW is to go to Fred Meyer where you can buy the starts for 5 for $3, bring your own pots (or buy them at Fred Meyer) and they will plant the pots/baskets using black gold soil. So it’s kind of a fun event.  People get there real early to get the varieties they want, we wait in like in the cool weather with our lattes and all chat about our gardening year so far.  Now that I think about it, it would be a great event for the Master Gardeners to set up at!

This year the husband was gone so I had to do it alone. Here’s a pic of my hanging pots with soil.  It was a little challenging to do this alone but having done this for a few years I know the handing from the side of the cart technique as exhibited below!

Hanging baskets
Hanging baskets with soil (free!) waiting to have fuchsia starts planted in them


fuchsia line
The line waiting to have our fuchsia starts planted.

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