Onions 101 – simple techniques to easy nutritious flavorful onions

The basics of growing onions for the home gardener I have had huge success in growing onions but I’ve also had some meager results.  Why you ask?  That’s what I’m going to explore in this post.  The basics of growing onions and problems you may find along the way. Why grow onions at home? Onions from […]

Free 22-page Seed Starting Workbook.

Something to Discover has a new FREE 22-page Seed Starting Workbook FREE for a limited time with sign-up for our monthly newsletter! This is my own technique for starting seeds.  Its not the only way to start seeds, but after years of experimentation I believe this is the best way for beginners and those who […]

Comfrey (Symphytum)

Comfrey (Symphytum)   “Plant of the Week” Comfrey is part of a series of fact sheets I did for a horticulture class I took at Oregon State University on herbaceous perennials. I thought others might also be interested and we could have a discussion on our experiences with some of these plants. I’ve also started […]

8 Mistakes I made in the Garden this year

I confess… I have multiple mistakes I made in the Garden this year! I had a great vegetable garden this year and we are still eating from it today… we had delicious green beans with dinner tonight in fact!  But there are some mistakes I made in the garden this year.  I am a tad […]