43 useful podcasts to energize gardeners now!

Have you tried podcasts yet?  Podcasts for gardeners tells you where to start! I think that listening to someone is a great way to learn especially if you’re doing other things at the same time.  For example… gardening! If you haven’t tried podcasts for gardeners I would suggest you do as there are a lot of great resources […]

Meals in a Jar – Book Review

   Meals in a Jar is a book written by Julie Languille in 2013 and published by Ulysses Press.  Julie lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State and her bio indicates she owns a dinner planning website and is a preparedness and food storage workshop teacher.  I believe, although I am not sure, that Ms. […]

Delicious things to do with a box of peaches – Peach fundamentals

A huge box of peaches We went to the Edmonds Farmers market yesterday and came home with a box of Red Haven peaches. At the end of the purchase the seller started making recommendations on what varieties of peaches are good to can and suggested I come back in a few weeks for the J.H. […]