Best ladle for canning and more

The Prepworks canning scoop is the best ladle ever

This is the BEST ladle ever.  Not just for canning but for everything.  Why is is great you ask?  Its got a little doohickey that lets you rest the ladle  ladel

on the side of the pot… this is so convenient its a shock not all ladles and big spoons dont have this.  This resting spot is perfect when you are canning and you dont want to set your ladle down too far from the food you are preserving.  The spoon part is shaped so you get a large amount of food in the basin portion but its shaped so you can easily get into the curves of the pot.  Many spoons are shaped to easily get food out of the curves but they aren’t deep enough to get much product out.  And finally its the best ladle because its under $8.



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