Isn’t the 10 year anniversary honey?

Beekeeping as our 10 year anniversary present

For our anniversary (10 years!) this year we decided to start beekeeping.  Kind of one of those experience type gifts we give ourselves.  I tend to think that at some point when you’re older you have most of the things you need and even to an extent most of this physical things you want, so its nice to give the gift of an experience!

About 2 months ago we started the Washington State apprentice beekeeping classes through Beez Neez in Snohomish.  We finished and passed the exam and now… we get our bees this coming week.

We painted our hives to kind of look like our house… at least to blend in with the house.  We are doing two hives… frankly because it seems like with colony collapse disorder a lot of people are losing their hives over the winter.  All of the people we have spoken with suggested we also start with two so we can have something to compare with.  And its really not any harder to maintain a second hive… once you have your gear on and your smoker going its only another 15 minutes or less to check the second hive.

But the coolest thing we got for the hive was copper tops.  We looked all around for copper tops.  Some had a wood bar over the top… which we aren’t sure why they do that but we didn’t like the look and often the copper was not pure copper.  So we got them through Better Bee online.  And they were back ordered.  But we ordered them like 2 months ago so we didn’t think it would be a problem.  But it was… we called three times to see when they would be sent.  Got a different reason every time… essentially they bought them from a producer and there were problem on that side.  They said they would call when they shipped them.  So we ended up borrowing two tops from a friend.  But they were commercial tops and were used so I wasn’t real sure about it.  But it doesn’t matter because we got the tops today.  Yeah!!!  And they are beautiful…

So we have been going to our local bee club (NWDBA) and have learned a lot there as well as WSU has good information on their extension website.

We got my beekeeping suite from Pigeon Mountain Trading Company.  I will post a picture when I get someone to take one that doesn’t make me look dorky.  Dave go this from Beez Neez.  I hope to have someone take a video of us when we install our bees this week.  On Thursday we are going to go to 21 acres in Woodinville to watch two people form our bee club install bees there.  If you don’t know what 21 acres is… its an educational non-profit facility in Woodinville based on sustainable agriculture and building design.  They have classes there on various topics.  We did one on beekeeping aside from the apprentice program.

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