Apprentice Master Beekeeping certificate

I got my Master Beekeeping certificate!

I finally got my certificate showing I completed the Apprentice Beekeeping course through Washington State University and the Washington State Beekeeper Association.  Dave and I finished it March 2013 and aced the test… but didn’t get the certificate until today.  And the test was not an easy one!  But bees are not like dogs and cats.  They are in many ways more complicated and can be more deadly.  So there’s a lot to know.  Their life cycle is short but so much happens.

The science of beekeeping is evolving

And whats also interesting is that there is so much that scientists dont know about bees.  I was recently reading an article about a new breakthrough in learning how it is determined that a bee will be either a queen or a worker bee (all worker bees are sterile and female).  When bees hatch into their larval stage they are fed food by adult nurse bees.  All larva are fed a substance called royal jelly (yes, that’s really the name…I didn’t make it up) for their first three days of life.  But then the vast majority of larva are given a lesser amount of royal jelly and then mostly fed a substance we call bee bread, along with some honey and fermented pollen.  But if the larva is destined to be a queen (and remember there is only one reigning queen per hive) she is fed royal jelly during her entire development.  Scientists have found that there is a  phytochemical that is in the beebread and the honey, but not the royal jelly.  This chemical suppresses the development of the ovaries resulting in a sterile worker bee.  Check out the article on the research at TheScientist.

Washington State Beekeeper Association Master Beekeeper Certificate
Washington State Beekeeper Association Master Beekeeper Certificate

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