Akebia quinata ‘Silver Bells’

Akebia quinata ‘Silver Bells’

Akebia quinata 'Silver Bells'
Akebia quinata ‘Silver Bells’ photo courtesy of Portland Nursery

I planted this vine last year to climb up a wisteria because I wanted something green covering the bare wisteria in the winter.  Its worked great for that purpose with the 5-leafed foliage filling in nicely from low to high, and so far I haven’t had to shorten its length.   I frankly also got it because it had the word chocolate in the description!  I know that comes from the chocolate vine name, but it was great marketing because I did try and smell chocolate and it didn’t smell of chocolate when it bloomed last year.  It was a pleasant fragrance though.   What I like about this variety is that the flowers are a muted but really elegant light purple.  Maybe a silvery purple is what the name silver bells was going for.   They don’t jump out with the purple color like a lot of purples but is just a nice shade of color.

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