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What is the purpose of this site?

I want toSan Juans 1 share what I’ve learned, and am learning, with others through this site.   I’m almost 50 years old now and although I don’t have everything together, I have done a lot in my life and want to share my thoughts and experience with others.  This site is also a way for me to document my research into areas I have explored.  In a way, its a notebook for things I’ve done and may want to go back to again.

So who am I?

My garden and greenhouse last year

I am a transplant to the Pacific Northwest (PNW), although I’ve been here longer than I have been anywhere else in the world and consider this “where I’m from.”  I grew up in the deserts of Arizona, moved to San Francisco to go to school, and then moved to Washington where I had family.  I would never want to permanently live anywhere else as the PNW is the perfect place for me.

Greenhouse and fountain
My greenhouse and fountain… I LOVE my fountain… its a mixture of brass instruments, things that twirl, water bubbling, and marbles. From Douglas Walker Studios.

I am a interested in a lot of things and often say I have a five year limit of learning new things.  I seem to take on a new project and focus on it for about 5 years and then get bored.  For quite a while I lived in various places for roughly 5 years before moving on to a new job or location.  I am a lawyer, a Master Gardener, a pretty good amateur photographer (shooter of Nikon), a sci-fi geek, a lover of animals, builder of Lego… the list could go on.  I am fairly liberal but then again most in the Pacific Northwest are compared to much of the country.  I am also a Christian which of course affects the way I see things.  I try to look at all things with love regardless of who I encounter.  I also know I am blessed in so many ways that other are not and feel a responsibility in that knowledge.

I am trying to learn a different lifestyle.  Although I grew up on what would by today’s standards be a hobby farm, I became a lawyer and “grew up”.  But I do

Female hands holding a chick in chicken farm

remember showing rabbits, chickens, goats in 4-H, as well as canning with my mother, and raising & eating my beloved cows, chickens, and pigs.  Ok, maybe they weren’t that beloved…. but I did name them!   I want to know where my food comes from, whats in it, and how its made.  I want to stay away from McDonald’s and learn to love vegetables and fruits.   I want a healthier lifestyle and to live a longer life than my parents did.

To that end I have been doing a lot of vegetable gardening and canning to try and eat healthier.  I’ve been making more foods from scratch and simply eating at home more often to avoid the restaurant spiral we can get into.  We’re raising chickens for eggs for our health but also because I am sickened by the abuses I’ve personally seen chickens kept in.  I used to have a 50 mile commute to work and in the mornings I would often see a semi with thousands of chickens in wire crates I presume on their way to the slaughterhouse.  These chickens were smooshed into small spaces… multiple to a single cage.  Their feathers were dirty, their eyes appeared vacant.  And they were traveling 60 mph in all types of weather without a covering.  It made me sick every time I saw it.  My chickens live as long as they naturally can and have a good life.  They are my pets and I love them.

So thank you for joining me in my discovery of new things.  2016 is going to be a great year!

leaves 2

5 Fun Facts about Kelli— drum roll please…

  1.  I have stayed in a tree house and a Hobbit hole
    Hobbit Shire in Montana (1 of 260)
    The Shire on Montana

    … I really have!  Both were great fun!

    Treehouse Point-3259
    Treehouse Point, Fall City WA
  2. I am a AFOL.  That’s an Adult Fan of Lego.  I married into it but after 13 years now I am a full fledged Lego builder when I have time.  We go to BrickCon every year and along with our friends we display some of the Lego creations we make to the public.
  3. There is a Batmobile in our house.  Ok, not a full sized one, but still one big enough that we had to have the glass slider doors removed to get it in!

    Restored Batmobile from 1966… one of those store rides.  Plays the theme song, moves, and lights up!
  4. I am a lawyer… so sometimes I will get kinda nerdy and talk about law stuff that applies to gardening or food.  But I will try to keep it relevant!  I am very fortunate to have a job that I can work from home much of the time… allows me to water the garden during the day!
  5. I lost 30 pounds in 2015… yippee.  But I have a lot more to lose.  My husband had to have open heart surgery this last year and its really opened out eyes to reality… that we needed to make some changes.


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