43 useful podcasts to energize gardeners now!

Have you tried podcasts yet?  Podcasts for gardeners tells you where to start!Podcasts for gardeners. 43+ podcasts on gardening, organics, cooking, canning and more.

I think that listening to someone is a great way to learn especially if you’re doing other things at the same time.  For example… gardening!

If you haven’t tried podcasts for gardeners I would suggest you do as there are a lot of great resources out there. And one of the great things about podcasts for gardening is that the information is not going to go stale very quickly, so if someone isn’t podcasting any longer you can still listen to their old episodes and learn from them.

I do have a few podcasts I really love and are my first to go to.  I’ve listed them below with a star or two… and I am pretty picky so there aren’t a lot of stars!  But that doesn’t mean the others aren’t good.  And frankly I don’t enjoy the radio-style podcasts so although they have good information I often get tired of the format.

If you are new to podcasts, click HERE for a website I found that has a post tree with shadowthat gives a good primer on what podcasts are and how to get started.

I’ve included links to their websites where I can… but remember these are podcasts so you put them in your podcast feeder and there may not be webpage links.  On the right are either my comments or comments from their show (usually in parathesis).

Let me know in the comments below if you have other suggestions or what you think about this list!


A Dry Rain This was a short lived podcast but I hope it will return.  Its Pacific Northwest focused with multiple local radio/gardening celebrity-types.  They sit and chat about organic gardening related issues.


•  A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach ** Margaret Roach is at the top of the gardening podcast world in my opinion.  Although her earlier podcasts are in a different format and are harder to listen to.  She has connections better than any other podcaster as she used to work for Martha Stewart magazine and was editor of their gardening (and other sections I believe), as well as other publishing jobs prior to Martha Stewart. She knows her stuff and I learn something very useful or relevant every time I listen.


•  All Things Plants **  This is a podcast from a married couple in Texas and although they go off on tangents sometimes it is great to listen to.  The male is Dave who originally started Dave’s Garden website but now has built All Things Plants into a really wonderful garden community.  His wife Trish is hilarious and provides expertise on canning/recipes, seed starting and saving, and many practical things shes learned.


•  Americas test Kitchen Radio **  ATK is great.  This is well produced like all ATK products are.  Its got some great segments on kitchen gadgets, they answer questions, the have a wine segment and general food critic sometimes, and Christopher Kimball usually has an interview segment and some concluding remarks.


•  An Organic Conversation ** This podcast is either 100% on for me or 100% off… and luckily its on about 70% of the time.  They are not solely about food but go into political, health, environment, cooking, clothing and many other topics.  I like their health and beauty segment.  Its very well produced and goes deep into whatever topic they are discussing… no fluff here!


•  Back to my Garden “Discovering your passion for gardening.”   Our BackToMyGarden show is over 100 episodes now, and the variety of guests range from fish-powered garden experts to 2 acre monster plot owners.


•  Better Lawns and Gardens with Tom Maccubbin Radio show in Florida about lawn and garden care


•  Bonsai Garden Podcast This podcast is done by the son of a Bonsai artist who is a blogger and bonsai enthusiast himself.  The site contains some of his fathers articles (as the father has passed away) but the podcast is done by the son.  Each podcast has great additional information on the blog.


•  Community Garden Revolution “Community Gardens. Advocate. Contacting Community Gardens across the Nation and sharing information, success, failures, challenges, mission, and more.”


•  Dirt Doctor Radio Show “Howard Garrett’s radio program offers you the best information and advice on natural organic gardening, landscaping, pets, home care, pest and a natural way to live. Howard will help you understand organics and the importance to your health and lifestyle.”


•  Ecobeneficial “Useful gardening tips to improve our environment.”


 For the Joy of Gardening Estabrook This podcast is from a garden center in Maine I think (or maybe Vermont)… and the owner has a lot of good information and lots of energy.  But it is pretty focused on the upper northeast in my opinion.


• Garden Design Show podcast  UK video podcast


•   Garden Dine Love “Farm to Fork.  Farm to Table.   As the official podcast for the Farm to Fork Movement! We are enthusiastically promoting the national conversation on eating locally grown foods through podcasts, blog posts, videos, and other services. We encourage culinary gardens, gourmet clean eating and content that inspires you to have a healthier relationship with yourself, significant others and friends.”


•   Garden Nerd Tip of the Week Very short tips… minute or two.


•   Gardeners Corner BBC


•   Gardeners question time BBC


•  Gardening with Ciscoe Ciscoe Morris is a northwest much loved gardening celebrity.  This podcast is part of his news show on the radio and is great for info on whats currently happening in the Pacific Northwest garden scene.  Much of the time he is answering questions from callers… and once you’ve listened to him for a few years you hear the same questions and the same stories from Ciscoe.  But he is very funny and a really good person (as is his wife).


•   Happier I’ve just started listening and love this podcast!

“She gave up a career in law to seek out the science and strategies behind achieving a more fulfilling life. Now she and her TV-writer sister, Elizabeth Craft, host Happier , a podcast version of their bestselling books  The Happiness ProjectHappier at Home, and   Better Than Before. Their banter is smart and quippy and includes try-these-yourself ideas, like picking a one-word theme for the year (“slower” if you’re navigating life at NASCAR speeds). The pair offers tips for knowing yourself better—are you an abstainer or a moderator? Do you respond better to inner or outer expectations?”


•   Homesteading and Permaculture with Paul Wheaton Paul Wheaton is a well known person in the permaculture world.  Check out the site Permies for more info on permaculture.


•   Ken Druse Real Dirt ** Ken Druse has been called a “gardening superstar.” With sixteen books to his credit, frequent television appearances, regular articles for leading national newspapers and magazines, and now with his Podcast, he is one of the nation’s leading voices of natural gardening. His groundbreaking book, “The Natural Garden,” initiated a design movement that continues to grow in popularity today.


•   Living Homegrown with Teresa Loe  **  Teresa Loe is the producer of PBS’s Growing a Greener World (which I WISH had a podcast!)  This podcast is about canning food but so much more.  Its well produced and not too long… but not short either.  I always feel like I’ve really learned something from Teresa.


•   Local Mouthful Cooking, canning… and although its based in Philadelphia most of what they talk about is applicable everywhere.


•   Magic Garden  


•   Master Gardeners hour Hosts Debbie Broocker and Rena Sartain alternate Saturdays interviewing experts in all aspects of gardening. Both Debbie and Rena are Master Gardeners and know the right questions to ask their guests to benefit you!


•   Modern Farmgirl Podcast  


•   Organic Gardener Podcast  


•   Paul Parent gardening podcast “Paul Parent has been on the radio in New England for the last 31 years.  Paul’s gardening advice is heard on stations all over the country with one-half million loyal listeners. ”


•   Permaculture voices
“Profitable Permaculture… helping you live a financially, environmentally, and socially profitable life. “
•   Pioneering Today with Melissa K Norris Melissa is one of my favorite podcasts although lately she’s doing the live video thing (periscope) and I’m not impressed by that format yet. Melissa has a lot of good information and experience through her family.  I would say occasionally she isn’t very science based but that’s not why I listen to her… she is real and explains the every day things I want to learn to do.


•   RHS Podcast  ** I like this podcast even though its based in England… because most of their garden problems are the same as ours in the Pacific Northwest.  Its well produced with mixtures of questions, interviews, what to do in the garden that time of year etc…


•  Small Suburban Vegetable Garden  


•   Southern Gardening Radio “The Southern Gardening radio program, with Dr. Gary Bachman, serves lawn and garden enthusiasts Monday through Friday with timely information.”


•   Sow, Grow, Repeat “The Guardian’s gardening podcast. Join gardening writers Alys Fowler & Jane Perrone as they explore different horticultural topics with expert interviews and discussions.”


•   The Arbor Gate’s Green Thumb Podcast “The Green Thumb Podcast is a great resource for gardeners in the Gulf Coast region.  With new episodes every two weeks, we will have all of the expert advice and exciting guests that you’ve come to expect at The Arbor Gate.”


•   The D&B Garden Show The D&B Garden show is a live call in radio broadcast.  Debbie Cook is a master gardener and certified arborist. She has significant experience in working with plants and trees in the Northwestern U.S. Cook also serves as an arborist for the city of Boise, Idaho.  Recent episodes include chickens, beekeeping, bare root fruits trees, seed starting and more.


•   The Old Farmers Market Monthly garden musing  


•   The Plant advice Gardening podcast From the UK.  The PlantAdvice Gardening Podcast is a podcast covering all aspects of gardening and horticulture, from general gardening advice through to a selection of our favourite plants and plant combinations to reviews of the annual garden shows featuring interviews with the key garden designers and exhibitors.


•   The Self Sufficient gardener Made it to 200 episodes and stopped in 2013.  But good content.


•   Vegetable Gardening with Mike the Gardener  I like this podcast because Mike asks very practical questions and seems like the average guy (read: not pompous Latin spewing gardener type).  It was off the air for a while, but is back.


•   We Dig Plants We Dig Plants® brings the Culture to Horticulture. Examining our human interaction with plants via authors, industry professionals, historians, plants people, cooks, gardeners & artists and combining our 20 plus years of designing gardens, we delve into the magic, power and influence of plants within a global context and share that charm with international listeners.


•   Woolful Not my scene… but knitting is pretty popular and I hear this is a great podcasts from a Idaho wool enthusiast.  But how does one make knitting interesting?


•   You Bet your Garden with Mike McGrath Mike McGrath has a huge amount of knowledge – he was the editor of Organic Gardening magazine for 6 years and has written many high quality books.  But I don’t like the format of the podcast so although I listen every now and then I didn’t give it stars.


Feel free to email me with suggestions for other podcasts for gardeners.  I’m always on the look out for more and  I will add them to this list!

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  1. Wow, we made the list! Thanks for such a brilliant resource. Our BackToMyGarden show is over 100 episodes now, and the variety of guests range from fish-powered garden experts to 2 acre monster plot owners.

    On a personal note, my addiction to super hot peppers shows no sign of slowing down, with Naga Vipers and Trinidad Scorpions pushing the million Scoville mark thriving in our raised beds.

    I’ve shared your big resource list with my followers, you are appreciated! Dave

    1. Thanks Dave! Congratulations on over 100 episodes… that is a real achievement. I’ve updated the segment on your podcast with some of the info in your comment. Feel free to let me know of any other podcasts you think are good enough for the list. Thanks again!

  2. Wow! What an honor to be on this list. I have been doing the podcast for 5 seasons now and it is so much fun. As you noted I took a break for a few months which you can find out why in episode #213, but I am back and hopefully better than ever.

    I think you hit the nail right on the head with the description of the show. I try to ask questions of our expert guests that appeal to the home gardener.

    On a side note, I think Dave LeDoux is crazy with his hot peppers. He told me all about what he is growing. That man loves some serious heat 🙂

    Thank you for the recognition.

  3. Thanks for a great podcast Mike… I did kind of stop listening when you took a break and haven’t been real good about getting back to it but I am sure I will this summer. I love listening to garden podcasts while gardening.

    I’m doing a salsa garden this year and hope to try out a few new peppers… but they wont be any where near Dave’s level.

    If you know of any other podcasts you think deserve to be listed feel free to let me know. Thanks again!

  4. This is great, thank you!

    We have a great list of guests lined up for the rest of 2016 with Debbie, please join us! Along with our beekeeping and chicken experts, we have Linda Whittig as a new guest who beautified her alley way and is the talk of the town!

    Thank you so much.

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