Botanical names color and tree cheat sheets

Even from the beginning of my more formal education in horticulture it became clear I needed to learn the botanical names of some plants. There are many reasons for learning these and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already know why its important. But one of the key things that’s helped me […]

Trademark ruling on “what is urban homesteading”?

What is urban homesteading? As a lawyer I’m always interested when gardening and law collide. That sounds violent! But in this situation I’ve read about, its far more sad than any other adjective. Last week the Federal Courts ruled that the use of the words Urban Homesteading should not have been trademarked. To me, that […]

8 Mistakes I made in the Garden this year

I confess… I have multiple mistakes I made in the Garden this year! I had a great vegetable garden this year and we are still eating from it today… we had delicious green beans with dinner tonight in fact!  But there are some mistakes I made in the garden this year.  I am a tad […]

Why do we really exchange gifts in December???

I’ve been thinking lately about why we exchange gifts at Christmas time.  And really, many other religions and traditions have gift giving times in the fall also.  I’ve also been thinking about why people get so stressed out during the holidays that they dont make it fun for themselves.   The answer to this last question […]